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COLOR ME HEALED                                                                                                                  


Ally has a special gift to help others see the blocks to their fulfillment and to guide them to heal those blocks.  I have experienced more focus, clarity, joy and love (not just in my relationships, but for myself) since my Sessions with Ally.  I know a lot of people are skeptical about creative and spiritual healing arts since it can't be "proven" and works for some and not others, but all I know is that since my sessions I have a new job that pays me more (doing what I love), my marriage has improved immensely and I'm back on the road to the life I want!

-Lee T

There are seven energy centers of the body known as Chakras.  Each Chakra vibrates at a specific frequency of energy and is assoicated with a particular color that also vibrates at a specific frequency of energy.  An individual's combination of Chakra frequencies and their colors is known as an Aura.

The Chakras are an integral part of, and go between for, an individual's Energy Blueprint.  The Chakras represent the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of an individual's energy; they interface with the Etheric Energy Exchange level of the Energy Blueprint to raise or lower frequencies of energy. The result is health and wholeness or dis-ease and dis-satisfaction, depending on our thoughts, actions, choices and experiences. 

When a Chakra (or Chakras) are out of balance and vibrating at a different frequency than their optimum level (that which their Energy Blueprint dictates) dis-ease or dysfunction results.  To heal and restore an individual's Energy

Blueprint the Chakras can be brought back to their optimum vibrational frequency through energy healing and positive thought and behavior vibrations. 

Contact Ally to schedule an EXCLUSIVE Session (done by phone or in person; include a phone number where you can be reached; payment due upon scheduling and based on availability). Includes your choice of Life Coaching, Intuitive Reading and/or Chakra Balancing (more information in Products and Services.


chakra.jpg Chakra image by lisa217From a young age I have had the intuitive ability to see, hear and feel things about an individual's past, present and future path and the issues blocking that path.  I sense the areas of the body associated with the Chakras that are unbalanced and what colors to energetically & visually send to those areas to re-balance them, restoring the Energy Blueprint and creating healing.  I call my Energy Healing work Color Healing and it involves two things:

1. The intuitive awareness and communication of past, present and future life and relationship issues that create your Chakric energy blockages-and the ways to unblock, restore and re-balance that energy...creating more health, love, joy and prosperity in your life.

2.  The energetic visualization and sending of color to parts of the body associated with your Chakra blockages, increasing the Chakric frequencies and restoring them to your original Energy Blueprint's frequency for optimum health, wholeness and wellness.  This allows you to more easily discover and achieve your true potential and overcome the obstacles keeping you from that potential.


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