ENERGY BLUEPRINT:Re-Discover the Rainbow of Life Within You! TM
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The Energy Blueprint

Healthy, Happy Good Things!                                                                                       
Your Energy Blueprint is the energetic, vibrational force surrounding & including your physical body; it is an electromagnetic field that retains the energetic blueprint for your optimum health, wholeness and potential well being in all areas of your life. 

The Energy Blueprint is made up of four subtle bodies and your physical body (each vibrating at a specific frequency):  Your outermost Spiritual Energy Level (Causal Body), Mental Energy Level (Mental Body), Emotional Energy Level (Astral Body), Energetic Exchange Level (Etheric Body) & your Physical Energy Level (Physical Body). 

The Universe tries to get our attention in many different ways and on many different levels, starting with our Spiritual Energy Level (intuition, etc.).  When those messages are ignored they continue on to the Mental Energy Level (thoughts), if still ignored the messages progress to the Astral Energy Level (emotional) before entering the Etheric Energy Exchange-where the vibrational energy is condensed into matter, manifesting in the physical body and/or expanded into one of the higher energy levels.  It is at the Etheric Energy Exchange where positive or negative energy becomes our REALITY, depending on what we dwell on. 

This is the path of either dis-ease (blocked/decreased energy) or healing (open/increased energy) and the blueprint to follow to return to health and wholeness

The key to increasing the vibrational frequencies of these energy levels to produce healing and manifest positive/higher energetic experiences, is through re-balancing the CHAKRAS (energy centers of the body), that also vibrate at specific frequencies and are each associated with a specific COLOR

is a form of light energy that vibrates at a specific frequency.  By raising and restoring the vibrational frequencies of the Chakras, through the energetic visualization of color being sent to areas of the body associated with those Chakras (Color Energy Healing), I can help you heal on all levels of your Energy Blueprint: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical.  This helps restore your Energy Blueprint-and your life-back to your optimum, true soul path of wellness and prosperity.  Who couldn't stand a little more light and love?!

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  your body, your Chakras and how Color Healing can help restore and re-balance your energy!

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